Jen Silver, Roofing Consultant
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Jen Silver, Roofing Consultant
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Jen Silver, Roofing Consultant
Jen Silver, Roofing Consultant Overview

Jen Silver began her roofing career in 2017 with SRS.

She then became a sales manager for a local roofing company. Jen was quickly promoted to GM and grew the company from $1.3 million to over $7 million in 18 months. Following the closure of the roofing company, Jen founded her own company, Roofing Utah. Today, she's pioneering innovative approaches to insurance-related re-roofing and is an advocate for consumer education.

Jen has been featured on the cover of "The Roofing Contractor Magazine", and featured on over 50 podcasts. She won The "Ben Menchaca" award for industry impact in 2022 for leading an educational tour. She has spoken at The International Roofing Expo, RoofCon, Roofing Process Conference, D2Dcon, SolarCon, SRC Summit, and Best of Success.

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