Enhanced coaching powered by AI

Outside Sales doesn't have to be sink or swim.


We're bringing Conversation Intelligence to Outside Sales

Silicon Valley has poured millions into conversation intelligence tools for inside sales professionals while the other 53% of sales professionals in outside sales have seen little innovation outside of fancier CRM and presentation software.


It's time for innovation.

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Onboard faster, Retain Longer, Reduce Compliance Risk

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How it works

Reps record

Reps record their consults from their mobile device

Siro analyzes

Siro extracts the key coachable moments in each recording

You coach

You send feedback and attach real audio samples curated from your team


Siro is for Outside Sales

Whether you are in consumer sales or enterprise sales, Siro is for your in-person conversations.


Teams are using Siro 

Level the playing field. Try Siro.

Inside Sales professionals have been using conversation intelligence for years to continuously improve.

Meanwhile, Outside Sales remains sink or swim. 


Training videos, shadowing, and role-play are all either too time-consuming or unrealistic to drive serious performance improvements.


To truly understand how an outside sales rep can improve, you would want to be a fly on the wall during their sales conversations. Siro lets you be that fly on the wall, but for all of your sales reps, at the same time, every time. 

Whether someone is talking too fast, failing to build value, or not picking up customer cues, Siro lets you quickly detect and correct these problems

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