Recorded June 6, 2024
June 6, 2024
1:00 PM

Heat Up Your Sales: Sam Taggart's Top 5 Summertime Selling Tips

Join the live strategy session to get Sam's best practices and advice on your summertime selling goals. This session will be recorded.



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What you'll learn

Discover proven tactics for maximizing outdoor sales, especially in pest control, solar, and security. Join Sam Taggart, Founder of D2D Experts, for a live session where he'll share his top 5 secrets to summertime success. With a proven track record including founding D2Dcon and advising over 150 businesses, Sam's insights are not to be missed. Reserve your spot now and gear up for a successful summer selling season.

about the speakers
Sam Taggart
The D2Dexperts
Sam is a Siro Partner and the founder of The D2D Association. He started D2DCon, wrote “ABC’$ of Closing”, hosts his own podcast, is a public speaker, and is the CEO of The D2D Experts. Sam built a 7 figure consulting business in under 3 years. Sam has consulted over 150 businesses nationwide.
Joe Jordan
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Joe is one of the founders of Siro, an AI app for field sales coaching. As a D1 track athlete at the University of Pennsylvania, he taught himself to code and to sell. At CUTCO, he was both a top 2% sales rep and sales manager before he built and sold two software applications to the company. Joe founded Siro to help make field sales the most accessible path to achieving financial freedom.

AI coaching

for field sales.

AI for field sales so reps can learn from top performer audio and sales leadership can see strategic insights.
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